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Lego Man Rescue Mission Birthday Party (Bouquet of Ideas)

My oldest, Hornet just turned 7 and we had a super fun LEGO Birthday Party! Hornet is addicted to building with Legos – we often hear him rummaging through his Legos first thing in the morning. He likes to build the Lego sets but also loves to come up with his own creations as well! I was really excited when he said that is what he wanted for his birthday theme this year. We instantly brainstormed some ideas, then I searched Pinterest of course and my brain just couldn’t stop churning on the idea of a treasure hunt (like our Pirate Treasure Hunt). So, the Lego Man Rescue Mission was born. It actually was pretty easy to put together and entertained the boys for about an hour.

For the mission they had to find their captured Lego Men. Their mission had six tasks (Spoonful of Legos, Hidden Legos, Lego Toss, Lego Tower, Pin the Head on the Lego and How Many Legos). When they were finished with each task they opened their envelope for the clue to find their next envelope and task. Their last clue brought them to their Lego Men and their mission was complete! After that they made Lego Creations for the new Lego Men. We then finished off with cupcakes and presents. A fun party!
  Enjoy the ideas for a
LEGO Man Rescue Mission
Birthday Party

for Sprouts (ages 5-10)

To make the FRONT of the invitations, Hornet made me a 7 with legos and I took a pic. I then used to create the front of the invitation. I saved this as a picture (check the size to make sure it is 4x6) and had it printed at Costco.

For the BACK of the invitation I created a document to look like a Lego (the greens don't match but it worked). I then uploaded it to paint and saved it as a picture and then had it also printed at Costco.
This idea is from Pleasantest Thing blog – check it out for more Lego fun!

I cut a piece of paper a little bigger than the pictures and mounted the pictures to each side. The invites turned out nice and colorful and only cost me 26 cents each!
To download a copy of the document for the invites, click HERE. Make changes and then just print or save as pictures and print.

Now for the Party!
A sketch of the party itinerary is:
Arrive/Lego Build/Lunch
Lego Man Rescue Mission
Lego Creation (for Lego man)
Cupcakes and Presents
Lego Build/Goodbyes

Lego Build and Lunch
As the boys arrived they went straight to the Lego table to build away. 
We then stopped for a lunch of pizza {I thought it would be cool to have them make their own pizzas to look like legos but we just got back from a trip an hour before the party so this idea was cut.}

Lego Man Rescue Mission
As the boys finished up lunch I read them the top of the Lego Man Rescue Mission –
“Your Lego Men have been captured and are held captive somewhere.
You must solve clues and perform tasks, so get going if you dare!”
  I then gave them Envelope #1 and they read their first TASK. When they finished the task they opened the envelope to find their first clue. Then the hunt for the next envelope began until they found their lego men at the end!
The prep for this might look like a lot but I have made it simple for you. Just follow the directions below and you will have everything you need for the bulk of the party! 
The Stuff:

PREP for the Mission!

Prep the Envelopes: Print the Tasks and Clues sheets. Attach Task #1 to the front of an envelope and put Clue #1 inside the envelope. Do this for #2 to #6 as well.
Hide the Task/Clue Envelopes:
Save Envelope #1 to give to kids at the start.
Hide Envelope #2 – chair   #3-bird house   #4-garden   #5-slide   #6-hose   LEGO MEN-gate

Preparation for the Tasks:
Task 1- 1 bowl of legos, 1 empty bowl, spoons – space bowls a distance apart
Task 2 – 8 large legos – hide
Task 3 – Board with hole in it (we used a corn hole board – you could also use a large bowl/tub), bowl of legos
Task 4 – Bowl of 20ish legos per group (we did this in pairs)
Task 5 – Lego man pic (adapted from, copies of lego man heads (A Typical English Home blog), tape, blindfold
Task 6 – Jar of legos with “How many Legos?” on lid, paper and pens to write guesses

Lego Man Rescue Mission Tasks FREE printable

Lego Man Rescue Mission Clues FREE printable

An example of how the envelopes will look. The clues will go inside.

The Mission in action...
  Task #1 – Spoonful
Give them this first envelope at the start of their mission.
  You must work as a team to move all of the legos from one bowl to the other. You may not touch the legos with your hands and may ONLY use a spoon. When all of the Legos are in the bowl you may read your next clue!
Grab a spoon and Go!
When they finish this task, have them read the first clue inside Envelope #1.
Clue #1
They were first seen where you might sit for a relax
So hurry and try to follow their tracks
Task #2 – Hidden Legos
This envelope will be found in a chair.
There are 8 large legos hidden around the yard. Your task is to work as a team to find all 8. When you have you found them all you may read your next clue!
Go find them!

When they finish this task, have them read the next clue inside Envelope #2.
Clue #2
I have been told that they took a little rest
In a spot where a birdie may make her nest

Task #3 – Lego Toss
This envelope will be found in a bird house (or tree branch).
You must each toss a Lego through the hole in the board. When everyone has been successful you may read your next clue.
Line up, grab a Lego and go!
When they finish this task, have them read the next clue inside Envelope #3.
Clue #3
Their captor got hungry and took them where veggies do grow
Make haste and find them you must not move slow

Task #4 – Lego Tower

This envelope will be found in the garden.
Use the Legos to build a giant tower. Work as a team and you can read your next clue! Get building!
When they finish this task, have them read the next clue inside Envelope #4.
Clue #4
The Lego men were spotted going down something fast
Slide down it and see if you have found them at last

Task #5 – Pin the Head on the Lego Man
This envelope will be found on a slide.
Pin the head on the Lego Man while being blindfolded. When everyone has had a turn you may read the next clue.
Spin away and good luck pinning!
Printable for the Pin the Head on the Lego Man (adapted from
Printable for the Heads (from A Typical English home - the heads she used for straws)
When they finish this task, have them read the next clue inside Envelope #5.
Clue #5
On their journey they got messy and covered in dirt
Find the spot where they were cleaned right up with a squirt

Task #6 – How Many Legos
 This envelope will be found near a hose.
Guess how many Legos there are in this jar. The closest one to getting the correct answer gets the jar of Legos and you all will get another clue!
Look and see how many you think!
When they finish this task, have them read the next clue inside Envelope #6.
Clue #6
You’re getting close to saving them I really can sense it
Go next to the spot where this yard has an exit

Lego Man Rescue Mission
The Lego men will be found near a gate or exit to the yard.
We went to the Lego store to build the Lego men. You can also order them online. Hornet built each one with a friend in mind so we labeled them with their names. We hid them in a Lego shoe box but of course this isn’t necessary. Hornet built some Lego dinosaurs the week before the party and insisted that they should be standing in front of the Lego men like they were the captures – I thought this was a great idea (but of course not necessary as well).

Lego Creation (for the Lego Man)
I put the same amount (and similar) legos in a bowl for each kid. I didn’t count but probably 25 legos each. They then took these legos to build something for their new lego man. Houses and vehicles were built. *Some needed a few more legos so I just threw some extra on the table that they could all share. 
I bought this box of Legos from Amazon for our Lego Creations and then added the rest to our stash.

Lego Cupcakes
I won’t win any awards for these cupcakes (I am slowly getting more lamo with my cupcake creations but the funny thing is nobody seems to mind). I had some different ideas but as I said before with the pizzas I just didn’t have time to be all that crafty and these did the job! For these cupcakes I just frosted them green and then added lego candies on top. At the last minute I moved the cupcakes to kinda make a 7 with the candles. 

Lego Party Favor Bags
I'm really not a big fan of party favor bags filled with a bunch of plastic junk but I just couldn't resist making these Lego bags. To make them I just used dot stickers (from an office store) on small colorful bags (from Michaels). Then I put attached their name tag to each. Lastly, I put a handful of Lego candy in each and then before they left the kids put their Lego men and creations inside.

Thank You’s
For the thank you’s I took a pic of the boys with the Lego man napkins in front of their faces and then added a caption using that said Thank You for coming to my party. I printed these pictures and then attached them to a paper that Hornet wrote a more detailed thank you on to each kid. Easy peasy!

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the LEGO Birthday Party!

Happy Building and Partying!
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