Community Supported Activities/Crafts/Ideas ~

a place to share ideas for re-purposing household items

As some of you may know the original name for the acronym CSA is Community Supported Agriculture and it is for people of the community to buy a share from a farmer. If you haven't heard of one before you should check one out in your area - a great way to eat locally! Anyhow, it seemed like a great name for the blog since it relates to gardening (blog has several word plays on gardening/flowers) and making positive changes to the environment (reusing).

Ok, now for a few details on our CSA ...
Several of my friends and I repurposed/upcycled different household items. There was a different item each month that we kept out of the landfills to create something new! It was fun to see the different ideas that people came up with. Check them out to see how you can upcycle something that may have otherwise been tossed.


Glass Jars

Cardboard Box

Wrapping Paper Tubes

Tin Cans

Cereal Boxes

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