Monday, January 19, 2015

Lower Case Alphabet Art ~ D'Nealian letters

My youngest and I just finished up his lower case letters and sounds! Well I shouldn’t say finished because we continue to work on them but the letters are up! He has the bottom bed of a bunk so they are posted on the underside of the top bunk. We review them every night and he has all of the sounds down pat and now is blending words when I touch the letters. I think I will take them down soon so we can move them around to make words. It has been so fun!

When my older two boys made an “alphabet wall” we only did the uppercase letters. They had no problem learning the lowercase letters as well but I really wanted to do the lowercase this time with my youngest to change it up. I searched all over for good bubble lowercase font that was in d’nealian print (the ones with the tails that many schools teach to transition in to cursive). I couldn’t find them anywhere but I did find a decent bubble letter font that I could convert with a little white out and sharpie! I probably could have figured out how to do it on the computer but I much prefer sitting down at the table with some white out and a sharpie than sitting at a computer! So if you are not familiar with d’nealian that is why many of the letters have little tails. I figure that if I am going to do lowercase I might as well teach it the same way their kindergarten teacher will.

I wanted to make this easy to reproduce so all you have to do is gather the supplies (most of them you will have at home) and print off the alphabet pages. Card stock is probably best but we just used white copy paper and that worked just fine but not as durable. Each letter has a type of painting, printing or rubbing to do that starts with the same sound as the letter (ex. a is apple prints, b is bubble wrap prints, etc). While you are doing the “alphabet art” discuss the sound that the letter makes. Cut it out when it is dry and post it somewhere to practice. You can do one a week or whatever works for you. You can also check out what else we have done with the letters by going here!
Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this….
Lower Case Alphabet Art (D’Nealian Letters)
for pre-readers…

Print your alphabet letters here with supplies and directions listed!

Or if you just want the lowercase bubble letters go here - these will be great for a preschool class to use without directions on each one or another fun project

Supplies and directions are listed under each letter picture.
a – apple cut in half, paint
Dip in paint and print on the a.

b – bubble wrap, paintbrush, paint
Paint bubble wrap and press on the b.

c – credit card, paint
Add drops of paint on the c and paint with card.

d – dauber for dots (or a pencil eraser dipped in paint makes great dots)
Press dots on the d.

e – eggs (we used plastic easter eggs), paint
Put the e in a box/lid, add drops of paint and roll around eggs.

f – fork (or feather), paintAdd drops of paint on the f and paint with fork.

g – glitter glue
Add glitter glue to the g.

h – heart sponge, paint
Dip a heart sponge into paint and stamp on the h.

i – ice cube made with paint and water
Move the paint ice cube around the i.

j – jello, glue
Add glue to the j and then sprinkle jello.

k – kool-aid mixed with water
Add a little bit of water to kool-aid and then paint it on the k.

l – leaves, crayons with paper taken off and used on side
Put leaves under the l with the veins facing up and rub crayons over them.

m – marbles, paintPut the m in a box/lid, add drops of paint and roll around marbles.

n – noodles, paint
Put dots of paint on or near the n and drag noodles through the paint.

0 – lids, paint
Dip lids (or empty tape rolls) in paint and stamp onto the o.

p – puffy paint
Add puff paint to the p. Check out this homemade version from Happy Hooligans.

q - q-tips, paint
Dip q-tips in paint and paint the q.

r – rubber bands attached to a pencil/wood dowel, paint
Use a rubber band wand to add paint to the r.

s – straw and watered down paint
Put drops of paint on the s and then blow them with a straw.

t – toothbrush, paint
Dip an old toothbrush in paint and then flick the paint to the t.
*We put the t in a big box before we did this. :)

u – table to tape “u” underneath for upside-down drawing, crayons/markers
Tape u under table and lay underneath and draw or paint the u.

v – vegetables cut for interesting prints (lettuce, peppers, celery), paint
Dip the veggies in paint and print them on the v.

w – watercolor paint
Use watercolor paints to paint the w.
You can see our watercolors are well loved!

x – draw x-ray bones on x with white crayon, watercolor paint
After x-rays are drawn surprise kiddo when they watercolor paint the x.

y – yarn, paint
Add drops of paint on or near the y and then drag yarn through the paint.

z – zig-zags ribbon (also called rick rack), crayon with paper taken off and used on side
Put zig zag ribbon underneath the z and rub crayons on them.
Stay tuned for our Uppercase Zoo Phonics Alphabet Wall!

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Lower Case Alphabet Art (D’Nealian Letters)!
Happy Learning
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