About Me-
I am a mom of 3 awesome boys and 5th grade teacher. I stayed at home with my boys for 9 years prior to going back into teaching. Teaching is certainly in my blood and my boys often have to endure the consequences of being the guinea pigs to the new crafts and activities that I come across ~some are winners and will make it to the blog and some are duds (we often learn just as much from the duds). I enjoy crafts that are open and allow for one's style to show through.

There are so many fabulous blogs, websites, magazines and books for crafts and activities that I get ideas from. Many of my original ideas are based off of other ideas that I have tried and tweaked a bit. I believe that being creative does not mean that you think up everything yourself, it just means that you take an idea and make it your own.

One thing about crafting with your kiddos that can be difficult for some parents is to step back and let them create ~ when you do, you often find that they are quite amazing! It is the process more than the product so give them a little direction and then let their creative juices flow. I have to remind myself of this at times as well!
About the Blog-
This blog has Bouquets (groups of ideas based on a similar theme ). There are many more ideas for each theme but I couldn't possibly list them all. I put the blog in chart form so it would be easy to read and understand (I’m a visual person and charts are my friend).
  • The first column has The Stuff (supplies) ~ #1 rule with crafting is be prepared (or at least try because there will always be something that comes up)!
  • The last column is The Fun ~ steps for the craft/activity/snack. 
 The blog also has Single Stem ideas (fun and quick ideas). These ideas are just fun things that I do at home with my boys or by myself as adult crafts. 
 The name Brainstorm In Bloom…
Why the BRAINSTORM? This is a blog that allows me to dump some of the ideas that I have in my brain and I also want others to share their ideas as well. Please leave comments on ways you tweaked the activities or other ideas that you may have.
Why the IN BLOOM? Blooming is a process and so is the sharing of ideas...and I just love flowers and gardening. 

I haven't posted in a while because I am just trying to stay afloat! You can follow me on Instagram @rockymtnmommas to get some updates on my current projects!
Happy Day!

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