Alphabet Wall

Learning the alphabet (letter names) is great for pre-reading! When I teach the alphabet I teach the letter names as well as the sounds (some letters of course have more than one sound). I also teach the uppercase and lowercase letter (although my kiddos have all preferred to write the uppercase letters first).

When I say teach I mean guide the activities that I have outlined below - it isn't something that needs a degree or a classroom. I believe all parents are teachers (you teach them how to eat, get dressed, potty train etc. so yep, you're a teacher)! As you are teaching the alphabet just let your kiddo be the guide - choose activities/crafts that they might like or have fun with (you don't have to do them all), grab the supplies and have fun! 

For each letter I have given ideas for an alphabet wall letter, books, arts/crafts, activities, letter formation, music & movement and a snack! You can click on the links below for each letter to see what we did and you can use this alphabet chart (I am a chart girl) as a reference! 

p.s. I would love to hear what you try!

A - Apple Prints (and alligators)

B - Buttons (and bubbles)
C - Corn (and carrots and caterpillars)
D - Dots (and dinosaurs)
E - Eggshells (and elephants)
F - Feathers (and fish)
G - Glitter (and gum and groundhogs)
H - Hearts (and hippos)
I - Insects (and igloos and ice)
J - Jello Jellyfish (and jellybeans and jets)
K - Keys (and kites and kool-aid)
L - Leaves (and ladybugs)
M - Marbled Mittens (and mazes & monsters)
N - Noodles (and numbers)
O - Octopus (and O's)
P - Penguins (and pumpkins)
Q - Q-tips (and quilts and quarters)
R - Rocks (and rockets)
S - Seeds (and spiders and sponges)
T - Tire Track Painting (and animal tracks)
U - Umbrellas (and upside down)
V - Veggie Prints (and volcanoes and vinegar)

W - Wagon Wheels (and watermelon and worms and water)
X - X-rays (and xylophones)
Y - Yarn (and yellow)
Z - Zig Zags (and zebras and zoo)

We have now done a Lowercase Alphabet Art Wall! Check it out HERE!  

 Check out Teaching Little Ones at Home for her great Alphabet Roll and Graph Printable Game - I love it!
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