Sunday, August 12, 2012

Make your Own Super Hero Towels (Single Stem Idea)

The boys and I have been talking about making super hero capes all summer and things have finally slowed down a touch to get them done! The original idea of capes turned into towels with masks! As I was making them I was thinking I was more excited than the boys but as soon as they got them on it was love at first sight. They think they are so fun!
Let the flying off couches begin (or continue!)
After the boys and I created the emblems the rest took me just over an hour each (the first one taking the longest). You can shorten the time by using bath towels with hoods already (although this was a pretty quick step). They cost about 10 bucks each to make – you could probably do it for less with cheaper towels – we used cozy ones from Bed Bath and Beyond’s clearance section.
Enjoy this Single Stem idea of Super Hero Towels for
All Ages!

 *This post has a bit of a different format as the directions are included with the pictures.
You can click on the pics to make them larger.

Making the emblem is the first step! I drew the boys a picture of their choice since they are young and then they added the pizazz! If you have older kids they can handle this step on their own. *Note ~ try to keep the fabric paint away from the edge so it is easier to sew.

My part...

 Their part...

 The kids job is done and now it is sewing time...
Start with the hood (or use a hooded towel and skip this step)

Now for the mask

Mask template (8" wide by 4" tall)

And for the emblem

The towel is now complete! 

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Super Hero Towels!
Happy Crafting (and jumping off couches with your kiddos!)
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