Friday, October 5, 2012

Core Knowledge Preschool Week 3 (Bouquet of Ideas)

Enjoy this
Core Knowledge Preschool Week THREE for
(Seedlings preschool age)...
 From the Program…
*(Pages 11-15): Sequencing (Goldilocks), Compare, Blue, Face
*Read Goldilocks (pg. 52-59) and Pease Porridge (p. 11)
*Made Porridge
 What we Added…
*Made Blue Discovery Bottles (this is Roly Poly's new favorite thing!)
(one with water and dried out blue markers)
(the other with water/soap and blue items – glitter, pompoms, eyeballs, felt, yarn, straws, beads  - predicted which items would float or sink)
*Blue Lunch – well we tried…the macaroni and cheese was quite green and the blueberry smoothie was quite purple – sometimes it is easier to learn things when you can look at what it is not J Atleast the blueberries looked kinda blue
*Practiced the letter L and the /l/sound  (leaf rubbings, leaf necklaces and leaf painting with glycerin/glitter) - see The Letter L Post

More ideas…

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Core Knowledge Preschool Week THREE!
Happy Teaching!
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