Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas (Bouquet Event)

For our preschool age playgroup we had a Christmas Morning here full of Christmas tree crafts, play dough, candy cane fizz and circle time, snacks and fun!
Here are a few ideas for a
Christmas Event for
Sprouts and Seedlings (toddler/preschool and elementary age)...

Stump Christmas Tree CRAFT
The Stuff
The FUN!
Log cut into 3-4 inches with 1/4” hole drilled
Green paper (we used foam paper) cut into strips
Sequins, pom poms, etc
Yellow paper for star or Christmas bow
1. Kids cut green strip into 4-5 sections from long to short.

2. Kids decorate strips with sequins and pom poms. Glue strips onto pencil. Add star.

3. Let dry.

4. Glue pencil into hole in log piece. Display!

Yarn Christmas Tree Lacing CRAFT
The Stuff
The FUN!
Hole punch
Yarn (I precut the yarn to 4 yards – you can put a piece of tape on the end to be like a needle)
Sequins and glue (optional)
Yellow paper, scissors for star or Christmas bow

1. Punch 7 holes across the bottom and one on the top.

2. Tape the yarn on the back near the first bottom.

3. Lace the yarn through the bottom hole through top hole. Continue through all of the holes. Tape of the end on the back.

4. Add a star and sequins!

Rice Krispies Tree SNACK
*I didn't get a pic but it was just green rice krispies treats cut into triangles. We also had Cutie oranges and hot cocoa!

More ideas…

Circle time was great with Christmas word stomps (stomp for each syllable sound), Candy Cane games and Jingle Bells high, low, behind, etc!

 The kids played with mint scented (just add mint extract) green, red, white w/ glitter play dough and Christmas cookie cutter shapes.

My boys continued to play with this long after everyone left!

We did a fun Candy Cane Fizz
from Growing a Jeweled Rose

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Christmas Event!
Happy Crafting
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