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The Knight at Dawn ~ Book 2 (Magic Tree House Book Club)


Below is what our Pre-K Book Club did for The Knight at Dawn ~ Book #2 in the Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne! This book was about knights and it just so happened that one of the dad’s of the kids in our book club worked at a castle! What luck! So, it only seemed appropriate that we have the book club at the castle. This of course can’t happen with every group (although you should check in your area) but there are plenty of other great ideas below that you will enjoy with your book club! The morning started off with a discussion about the word knight and the silent “k”. Then the kids looked at a life size poster of a knight and all of their gear. We then took a tour of the castle. To finish up the kids were “dubbed knights” and then enjoyed coloring some knight pages and a snack! Stay tuned for books 3-8 in the months to come!

Glen Eyrie Castle!

Enjoy the ideas for a

The Knight at Dawn MTH Book Club #2 for
Pre-Kindergartner’s to First Graders and their moms!
Reference book for book #2

Silent “k” and Book Discussion
The mom that hosted this month just happened to be a teacher so she of course saw a great learning opportunity with the silent “k” in knight. 

The Stuff
The FUN!
The Knight at Dawn by Mary Pope Osborne
1. Talk to the kids about the sound for “k”. Ask them if they hear it in the word “knight”? Discuss that there is a silent k in other words such as knock, knife, knob, kneed, know, knot, etc.  

2. Have the kids make a K with their body and say the word “knight”. See pic.

3. After some giggling and movement from making the letter K with their arms and leg (p.s. – laughter and movement are super duper good to activate the brain so it is ready to learn) have the kids wind down and discuss the book. You can do this by sequentially talking about the book from beginning to end, naming favorite parts, or just discussing key points. 

Knight Gear
If you have access to any knight gear it would be great so they can feel how heavy it is. Otherwise there are plenty of great books to look through. 

The Stuff
The FUN!
Knight gear
Knight books
Knight poster
1. Look at what knights have to wear and discuss (we had a poster to look at).  

2. Try on knight gear if it is available.

“Dub thee Knights”
You can find information on knights in Knights and Castles (the reference book for MTH book #2) or many other books on castles and knights. For a quick reference check out Kids Library Point
Dub thee a Knight
Sword Fight

The Stuff
The FUN!
Swim noodle (aka: sword)
1. Discuss the age and requirements to become a knight.   

2. Individually the kids get on one knee and the “king/queen/host” taps them on the left shoulder with a swim noodle and says, “I dub you Sir _____ Official Knight of _______.” Then the next kiddo goes.

Optional – let your kiddos have a sword fight with the noodles! Since we were in the castle we didn’t want to let the kids get too crazy but my boys love to have noodle sword fights!

More ideas…

Cute and simple castle SNACK from Munchie Mom!
Fruit Swords from Lizard and Ladybug!

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the The Knight at Dawn MTH Book Club #2

Happy Reading!
~Sara (and Melodie – the host of this month’s book club)
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