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Tubes (Wrapping Paper, Paper Towels, TP rolls) Up-cycled (CSA)

This month for the CSA (Community Supported Activities/Crafts/Organization)
the supply is a tubes (wrapping paper, paper towels, TP rolls, etc)
Each month a handful of awesome friends and I are going to use a household supply item (that might otherwise be tossed) and find a way to up-cycle it!
You can join in on the fun – email me or add your link for tubes by the end of January or think ahead to February 2013  which will be a tin can (like a soup can). Start thinking and creating! There will be a random winner each month!
I hope you get some fresh ideas and enjoy this post of…

Tubes (Wrapping Paper, Paper Towels, TP rolls)
ommunity Supported Activities/Crafts/Organization
for All Ages!

Time Capsules
It is not too late to make one of these for the year!
MADE by, Kelly and our Mom’s Club kiddos at her Noon Year’s Eve Party (look for this post in December 2013). 
The Stuff
The FUN!
Wrapping paper tubes (cut 5” long each)
Pencils or pens (to fill out questionnaire)
Tissue paper
Avery labels #8293 (or any sticky labels will work)
Curling ribbon

1.   Fill out questionnaire (may need help from adult) and fold it lengthwise to fit in the paper tube.

2.   Kids could also stick photos or small mementos into the tube.
3.   Then wrap the tube with colored tissue paper.
4.   Seal it with a “Don’t Open Until 12/31/13” round sticker, which was make using Avery Labels #8293.
5.   Twist the ends of the paper and tie them with curling ribbon.
6.   Decorate the tubes with stickers and tuck away until the end of the year!

Wrapping Tube Train
We were going to make a LONG train, but after we got 2 of them colored and put together, he wouldn't put it down!!!
MADE by, Karen and her little crafter in the making!
The Stuff
The FUN!
Wrapping paper tubes
Tissue boxes
Masking tape
Paper, crayons and whatever else you want to decorate!
1.   Cut holes in sides of tissue boxes.
2.   Cut wrapping paper tubes to length between box cars (tissue boxes).
3.   Attach wrapping paper tubes in holes in tissue boxes with tape.
4.   Decorate and play!

Rain Stick
MADE by, Angelina and her creative little one!
The Stuff
The FUN!
Wrapping paper tube or paper towel tube
Flat head pins
2 pieces of Sticky Foam
Sticky Foam Dots or Squares
Glitter Glue
Split peas, lentils, or rice
1.      Put pins in the tube, up and down and around.
2.      Put glitter glue or sticky foam dots on the pin heads to secure them.
3.      Cap off one end with some sticky foam, cut into a circle, then cut slits to wrap around the tube and secure with ribbon.
4.      Fill the tube about 1/4 full of split peas, lentils or rice, which ever you choose.
5.      Cap off the other end with the remainder piece of sticky foam and ribbon.
6.      Tip side to side and enjoy!

(You could also wrap the tube in paper or even some of that fancy duct tape if you don't have sticky foam to secure the pins on.)

Stick Bowling
We made our bowling pins to go with Bob Book #1 in Collection 2. You can write on them any learning topic – could be numbers and you can add them together or States and you could say the capital, etc. We had 4 sets of words written in different colors and Hornet would pick what color round it was going to be and read the words in that color.
MADE by, Sara and her little reader, Hornet
The Stuff
The FUN!
Wrapping paper tube (we used a fabric tube from a roll of fabric)
Permanent markers
Scissors (or a saw if you use a fabric tube – I used my chop saw)

1.   Adult - Cut tube into small pieces but save one a little longer for the stick.
2.   Adult - Write words, numbers, shapes, etc on the small pieces.
3.   Set up the tubes in a bowling pattern (or however your kiddo wants to set them up – Hornet had fun making towers).
4.   Stand a little bit away and hit the ball with the long part of tube (like golf or hockey) at the small pieces (like bowling). Read what is on the small pieces.

My idea was that it would be like bowling and you would get 2 tries and then it would be the other persons turn but Hornet wanted to knock all 10 down and see how many tries it took him before it was my turn. Whatever works!

Tube Light Saber
No post on cardboard tubes would be complete without some mention of light sabers! Most little boys see a tube and start creating it into a light saber, sword, etc. The mom of this Star Wars fan got to her stash of wrapping paper tubes (that she was going to use to participate in this month's CSA) and of course turned it into a light saber! To turn a tube into a light saber they can just be colored or wrapped with tape or paper. Make sure you (mom/dad) have one to so you can have a good battle.
Check out My Little Mustache Blog for a tutorial on making a tube light sabers!

Conversation Hearts Vase
Click here for simple directions!
MADE by, Traci (mom of 4 boys)

Web-links to more ideas…
Check out for heaps of amazing TP Roll ideas!

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Tubes (Wrapping Paper, Paper Towels, TP rolls) Up-cycled!
Happy Up-cycling!
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