Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rainbow Raindrops (Single Stem Idea)

So with our St. Patty’s Day Rainbow themed party coming up next week I have had rainbows on my mind! As I was running downstairs to grab something I spotted a box of macaroni noodles in the pantry and of course they didn’t look like macaroni at all but instead like mini-rainbows! So, I snagged them and then Hornet and I got right to work with dying them the colors of the rainbow (the little two were napping). Check out what we did (this was fun for all of the ages of the boys~ 3,4,6 and myself)
Enjoy this single stem idea of Rainbow Raindrops for
All ages…
The Stuff
The FUN!
  Macaroni noodles
Food color
Plastic tub (I used a empty plastic spinach tub before it went in recycle)
Cotton balls
1. Dye the noodles by putting 1 teaspoon (or more if larger group) of vinegar and a few drops of food color in a plastic tub (you can also use ziplock bags). Add a handful (or more if with large group) to the tub and put the lid on. Let the kids shake it up until the noodles are dyed. Put on a plate or cookie sheet to dry. Do the same with the next color of the rainbow.

2. Kiddos glue on clouds (cotton balls) at the top of their paper.

3. Kiddos then put dots of glue underneath the clouds and then add their rainbow raindrops! We talked about putting them the way of the rainbow but that kinda was forgotten by Roly Poly and Firefly.  

*I encourage you to do one of these as well with your kiddos as they won’t need much help and it is simple and fun!
Doesn't that just look cool :)
This is a great book to go along with making Rainbow Raindrops!

Here is how they all turned out!

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Rainbow Raindrops!
Happy Crafting
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