Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Star Wars Birthday ~ Cupcakes and Party Favors (Free Printables)

My 6 year old (Hornet) and his buddies all love Star Wars (my 3 and 4 year old do as well)! Hornet was so excited last week when his good friend was having a Star Wars birthday! The birthday was at a gymnastics place so many of the activities were the kiddos running, flipping and bouncing but I wanted to share with you the cute cupcakes and party favors that my friend Laura had with the party!
FREE Printables below to the Cupcake Toppers, Activity Pack, Galactic Gum Labels and Light Saber Labels!

Enjoy this Star Wars Birthday ~ Cupcakes and Party Favors for
Seedlings (elementary age)...

For the cupcakes she made chocolate cupcakes and then colored the frosting. She then printed the lego clone wars pics (Set 1, Set 2), cut them out and glued a toothpick between two of the papers. Then they were stuck in the cupcakes as toppers!

For the party favors she made an Activity Pack, Galactic Gum , Pretzel Light Sabers, and included Lego candies. Click on the links under the pictures below for the FREE printables! It was great to have a fun favor to take home that wasn't just a bunch of cheap toys! The boys love it!
(Activity Pack Cover, matching, mazes,
math, word scramble, mad-lib,
word search and coloring pages)
Galactic Gum made with orange,
green and purple gumballs!

Pretzel Light Sabers made with
blue and green covered pretzels!
Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Star Wars Birthday ~ Cupcakes and Party Favors!
Happy Partying
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