Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Easy Fish Feeder (Kid Chores)

For the last couple months around here I have been trying to figure out what we would do as a family for chores and allowance. My thoughts on this began when I read an interesting article from U.S. News about research done on giving kids allowance and its future effect on adult’s financial literacy (the research seems crazy but it did get me thinking - you should read it and share your comments). Anyhow, we have tried some things that have gone well and some that have flopped (ie. making wallets that just turned into animal and car homes, and oh yeah and one got chewed up). As we continue to figure out what works for us I will keep you posted on fun things that you can try also!

Enjoy this single stem idea of Easy Fish Feeder

Today I just want to share a simple idea that helped solve the feeding the fish chore dilemma! Feeding the fish seemed like a great idea for a kid chore but until now we ran into several problems…fish were fed way too much, fish food got everywhere as they tried to get a pinch out of the container, fish food container was dumped…which resulted in me putting the container up, which resulted in me having to get down the fish food every morning, which resulted in the fish often being forgotten. Blah! I couldn’t get it out of my brain that we needed a new plan which is when I thought of the pill container for a fish feeder! I’m not sure if others have thought of this before and I’m the last to know but if you have fish that need fed it is the way to go! It works great and the kids can do everything themselves!! I just have to refill it on Sunday. Another bonus is it has taught Roly Poly the days of the week. The only thing I added to the feeder that isn’t pictured is I put an arrow on Monday so he can easily find what day to start on and then just follows the arrow to the next full day and that is the day to use.  

More ideas…
Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Easy Fish Feeder!

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