Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cereal Box Journal (Single Stem Idea)

This summer a group of 5 other moms and myself and our kiddos are going to visit several farms in our area. I wanted my kiddos to remember the farms we visited and what they learned so we made some farm journals. These journals up-cycle cereal boxes (our CSA up-cycle item of the season) and can be used for any type of journal (summer vacation, bug, alphabet, drawing, science, etc.). They are quick to make and sturdy enough to get some good use!

Enjoy this single stem idea of Cereal Box Journal for
all ages…

The Stuff:
Cereal box, plain paper (we used 5 pieces), hole punch, pipe cleaner, markers/crayons to decorate

The FUN!
1. Cut one of the sides off a cereal box and fold in half with the blank side out.
2. Fold plain paper in half and fit inside the cereal box to see if you need to trim. Trim if you need to.
3. Punch about 6 holes in the folded side of the cereal box.
4. Put the folded plain paper in the folded cereal box and punch the paper through the holes that were made in the cereal box.
5. Lace a pipe cleaner up and down through the holes. At the end, go back through a hole and wind it around itself to hide the end and hold in place.
6. Fold the binding a couple times so that it can open easily. That’s it, the journal is ready for writing and drawing!
7. Write or draw in the journal!
The first farm we went to was a rhubarb farm. There were horses that the boys were able to feed which is what Hornet wrote about here. On the next page he wrote about the rhubarb and he added a picture that I took of all the kiddos at the farm.
 *The boys decorated their cereal box covers before I punched the holes but of course it could be done after as well.

More ideas…
Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Cereal Box Journal!
Happy Crafting

P.S. I changed the format of this blog post to go away from the chart form. I love charts but they are a pain to put in blogger so I decided to try something new. Do you like the new format or should I go back to charts??
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