Thursday, June 13, 2013

Googly Eye Sunglasses (Summer Craft Kit 2013)

I first saw these in a Family Fun magazine and have wanted to make them ever since. The boys had fun making them and always act a bit more squirrely when they wear them. I love ours with the colorful eyeballs (in case you don't know I have an love for googly eyes - we often add them to pictures because I think they make an ordinary pic look funny - I always mix and match my eyeballs to make them extra silly!)

This craft was easy enough for my 3 year old to do pretty much by himself (although he thinks he can do everything in the world on his own). I helped him a little bit with the glue when he put a dot in the middle of the lens. The pictures show that we did them on the table but when we redid Firefly’s because I bought cheapo sunglasses for him we found that if you put the sunglasses opened on a tissue box while doing the craft it is much easier. Then you can just leave them there to dry as well. The sunglasses that worked best for this were made of hard plastic and not super flexible – the flexible ones just had the eyeballs pop off when they were dry. Party City and the Dollar Store had some that worked great!   

*This is in the Summer Craft Kit 2013 - click here to see the other crafts in the kit or
here to purchase a kit on my Rocky Mountain Mommas etsy shop!
Enjoy this single stem idea of Googly Eye Sunglasses for
Seedlings (preschool and elementary age)...
The Stuff
The FUN!
Tacky glue
Googly eyes
1.   Open sunglasses and place on a shoebox, yogurt tub, etc. so that they can stay horizontal.
2.   Put tacky glue around the edges of the glasses on the plastic (adult help may be needed for this based on age).
3.   Kids place googly eyes on top of the glue.
4.   Let dry.
5.   Wear with style!

Now the PICTURES (for the visual learners)...
The inspiration from Family Fun - a great kid craft magazine!
Gather your supplies!

Not pictured - open the sunglasses and place on a shoebox, kleenex box, etc.
Put tacky glue around the plastic edges.

Place googly eyes on top of the glue.

Let dry.

Wear with style!

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Googly Eye Sunglasses!
Happy Crafting
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