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Melted Crayon Rock Terrarium (Summer Craft Kit 2013)

Melted Crayon Rock Terrarium

I have always wanted to make a terrarium but hadn’t done it until we did this craft. I wanted to add something to the terrarium besides plants and as soon as we did melted crayon rocks when we worked on the Letter R, I knew it would be a perfect addition. I'm not sure who to give original credit to for the melted crayon rocks or the terrarium because I have seen them done many times by many different people in the blogoshpere. My boys love creating melted crayon rocks and I think they look cool in the garden, on top of the soil in a flower pot and also in these fun terrariums! 

*This is in the Summer Craft Kit 2013 - click here to see the other crafts in the kit or
to purchase a kit on my Rocky Mountain Mommas etsy shop!

Enjoy this single stem idea of Melted Crayon Rock Terrarium for
Seedlings (preschool and elementary age)...
The Stuff
The FUN!
Cookie sheet
Cardboard piece
Tinfoil piece
Crayons (3) - remove paper label
Glass jar
Shiny stones
Clover seed
Water bottle watering can (water bottle with holes poked in lid)
1.      Kiddos go on a hunt for 2-3 rocks (medium size to fit in the glass jar). Smooth ones are best.
2.      Adult – heat the oven to 350. On a cookie sheet, put the cardboard piece down, tin foil on top and rocks on top of that. Heat rocks in oven for 15 minutes.
3.      While the rocks are heating have the kids remove the crayon paper labels.
*Caution - Pretty obvious, but please tell your kids that the rocks will be hot so they should only touch the crayon to the rocks and not their hands.
4.      Take the rocks out of the oven and take the cardboard off the cookie sheet. You can leave the rocks on the tinfoil and cardboard while the kids melt the crayons.
5.      Kids take crayons and touch them to the hot rocks. They can try to make a design! Let the rocks cool.
6.      Put soil in the glass jar (save one spoonful for topping the seeds.
7.      Add crayon rocks and shiny stones (and anything else your kiddo wants – shells, toy cars, etc). Use spoon to move the rocks around in the jar if hands are too big to fit in.
8.      With a spoon, sprinkle some clover seed on top of soil. A little of this goes a long way so only use half of the seed. The other half can be used later if some of the seed starts to die. Sprinkle a scoop of soil on top of the seed.
9.      Take the water bottle watering can and spray some water in the glass jar. This watering can is perfect for watering the horizontal jar because it can squirt back a ways.
10.  Check on the seeds daily to keep them moist (but not too wet) and you will be amazed how quickly they sprout!

* You might want to put a plate under them if they are on a surface you don’t want wet.

Now the PICTURES (for the visual learners)...

Heat in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes
(we put ours on cardboard and tin foil and then on the cookie sheet)
Peel the wrappers off crayons and you are ready to go!
Touch the crayons to the hot rocks and watch them melt!

Let them cool
As soon as they are cool you can start creating the rest of the terrarium!
Add soil to a jar on it's side
Add your Melted Crayon Rocks
Sprinkle some seed (we used dutch white clover seed because it sprouts quickly)

Poke holes in top of water bottle for watering can
Water seeds and soil
Put seeds in a sunny spot. Water each day.
Watch it grow!
More ideas…
Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Melted Crayon Rock Terrarium!
Happy Crafting
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