Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cool Letter C (Alphabet Wall)

C week has lasted a few weeks here at our house! Partially because there is a lot of fun topics that begin with a “C” and partially because it is fall and we have been having a good time making fun fall crafts and playing in the garden! For the cool letter C we had fun with corn, caterpillars, cotton balls, carrots and more!   

For the rest of the Alphabet, go HERE!

Enjoy this
Cool C for
(Seedlings ~ preschool age)...

What we did for the Cool Letter C?...
Alphabet Wall:
*Corn on the C ~
We simply glued some corn on our letter C.

*Read Copycats (Alpha Tales book) and The CD Book (Bob Book Pre-Reader)

*Read some Corn books ~ Corn Aplenty  by Dana Meachen Rau,  What’s for Lunch?  by Pam Robson, Corn  by Gail Gibbons – a very informative book about corn!

*Read a few Carrot books ~ The Enormous Carrot  by Vladimir Vagin,  Carrot Soup  by John Segal, The Giant Carrot by Jan Peck

*Read some Caterpillar books too ~ Charlie the Caterpillar  by Dom De Louise,  The Very Hungry Caterpillary  by Eric Carle, Arabella Miller’s Tiny Caterpillar  by Clare Jarrett

*Comb Painting ~ We just put some blobs of paint down and scraped a comb over it. It is a very cool texture look!  

*Credit Card Painting ~ Similar to comb painting, I just put blobs of paint down and the scraped it around with a "credit card" - it was actually some other store cards. They liked this!

*Footprint Carrots ~ This idea is from Handprint and Footprint Art blog. We painted each other’s feet like a carrot and then made our carrot prints! We did this while sitting on the edge of the bath so cleanup was a breeze – I just filled the bottom of the tub a few inches and we scrubbed away.  

*Cotton Ball Caterpillars ~ I had planned to do this on paper but since we already had our feet in the tub, Firefly decided that a bath sounded good so he made his cotton ball caterpillars in the tub. I just put some different colors of paint and a cotton ball in each spot of our muffin tin paint holder and he used the cotton balls to make the caterpillar body. He loved this and had fun just wiping it off with a washcloth to do it a few times.  

*Corn in a Ziplock~ We have tried this unsuccessfully before but this time it worked (it was a perfect science opportunity to think of why it didn’t work the first time). Anyhow, this is easy and fun. Just take a paper towel and put it around the inside of a jar. Then crumple up a paper towel or two and put them in the inside. Next mist the paper towels to lightly wet them. Then stick some corn around the edges (we put them about an inch from the bottom). Put it near a window and watch the corn kernels sprout. We used corn from a seed packet (the first time we just tried using some popcorn kernels). 

*Corn Sensory Tub ~ A friend gave me a bunch of corn a couple years ago that she was going to grind but didn’t like the way it was grinding. I was going to give it to my neighbors for their chickens but decided it would be much more fun as a sensory tub. The boys love to play in it and we have added some cobs of corn from our garden. They love to bury toys in the corn to try and find.

*Pick corn kernels ~ Let a corn on the cob dry out and then let the kiddos have fun just picking the kernels off! We used our little corn that we grew in the garden.
Letter Formation:
*C with sidewalk chalk 

*C with hands and body

Music and Movement:
*Caterpillar song~ Act like a caterpillar while singing this fun "The Fuzzy Caterpillar" song from Can Teach.
The caterpillar sleeps in part of the song
*Crackers, cucumbers and carrots ~ more C snacks could be cuties, carrot cake, cornbread, cheerios, cookies,… What else?

 More ideas…
Cardboard box play
Find more Caterpillar Activities HERE
I just saw this fun corn growing idea on PreKandKSharing
Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Cool C!
Happy Teaching!
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