Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt and Mr. Turkey Potato Head

Well, we have another treasure hunt for you…one for Thanksgiving! This one my friend Maria compiled with the help of Real Treasure Hunts. The hunt she created can be found and printed from here. My 7 year old solved the clues right away with no help but my 3 and 5 year old needed a little help. If you don't have one of the places for the clues you can just take out a clue but make sure you shift where you will hide the next one.

You can have any “treasure” you want at the end of the hunt. Maria had some turkey crafts for her kiddos as the treasure. I put 3 feathers (one for each kid) with each clue and then the treasure at the end was the rest of the supplies to create a Mr. (or Mrs.) Turkey Potato Head. I’m pretty darn sure that these quite possibly could be my favorite turkey craft we have ever done (and we have done quite a few)! As well as using potatoes for the heads I also got an acorn squash and a fake carvable pumpkin (clearance for $2 after Halloween). I wanted to see which item worked the best and they all were great. 

Have fun with the treasure hunt and I really think you should try the Potato Heads – just a few easy supplies! If you make one, please post it to the Brainstorm in Bloom facebook page – it will make my day! 

Enjoy this single stem idea of
Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt
Mr. Turkey Potato Head

for all ages!

The Stuff
The FUN!

Potato (cut in half) or acorn squash (get a flat one when it is upside down) or any gourd/pumpkin or a fake carvable pumpkin
Feathers (we got ours at Michaels)
Brown, orange, red and yellow paper (draw a pear shape for turkey on the brown paper)
Googley eyes

1. Cut the clues apart for the hunt. Hide each clue where it says (in red on right). Put a feather for each kid with each clue. After the last clue (vacuum) hide the rest of the supplies.

2. If using a potato cut it in half so it will stand upright. I cut and poked mine the night before we did it so that the skin would harden up.

3. Poke holes in the top of the potato, squash or pumpkin. I used a skewer.   

1.Read the first clue and solve. Continue solving clues until the treasure is found!

2. Cut out the brown turkey shape. Cut out the gobbler, beak and feet (may need adult help).

3. Glue on the eyes, gobbler, beak and feet. Let dry while poking in the feathers.

7. Poke the feathers in the holes.

8. Glue the back of the brown turkey shape to the potato/squash/pumpkin.


The Prep and Hunt...
Prep - Poke holes
Prep - Hide the clues and feathers!
The hunt...Read the clues
and solve them!

and the Mr. Turkey Potato Head craft
(for the treasure)...

Cut out and glue the face
Poke feathers in holes
Add turkey face!
Aren't they cute
and the acorn squash
and the fake carvable pumpkin (in black)
A family photo!

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt and Mr. Turkey Potato Head!
Happy Hunting, Crafting and Thanksgiving

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