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Quirky Letter Q (Alphabet Wall)

Q is a fun and quirky letter. Although the kiddos might not understand it yet, it is good to talk to them about the letter q being paired next to the u to make the qu sound. We had some fun with q-tips, quilts, quarters and quills for the letter Q.

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Enjoy this
Quirky Q
for (Seedlings ~ preschool age)...

What we did for the Quirky Letter Q?...
Alphabet Wall:
*Q-tips ~
The boys just glued down q-tips. You could also glue down quarters (you could print off some paper ones if you wanted instead of using real). 

*Read The Quiet Quail (Alpha Tales book) and The QR Book (Bob Book Pre-Reader)

*Read some Quilt books!  Quilt Alphabet by Lesa Cline-Ransome, Quilt Counting by Lesa Cline Ransome and The Kindness Quilt by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

*Q-tip Painting ~ The boys used q-tips as their paintbrushes. We have also used q-tips for spreading glue before. 
*Quilt with sticky notes ~ This was Roly Poly’s idea and an add-on to our q-week. I had surgery the week after the letter Q so Roly Poly made me a quilt for the wall by where I was laying with sticky notes. It was so sweet and a great idea for making a quilt! Kids love sticky notes and it fun to see them all together! Of course Roly Poly did a bunch of ocean scenes (he wants to build aquarium tanks when he is older or be a ocean researcher).
*”Lace” a Quilt ~ Cut out cardstock into squares to make a quilt. Hole punch them so that they will lace when they are side by side. I used one as a template to punch the others – Keep in mind that you don’t have to hole punch the edges of the quilt (I didn't think of this until after). Tape yarn to the back of one of the squares and either tape the other end of the yarn or use a plastic needle and teach your kiddo how to “sew” by going back and through the quilt holes. We just laced around each square and then glued them on a paper but you could set them out like a quilt and lace them all together. If you do this, I suggest going up one whole line of the quilt with one piece of yarn and then starting with a new piece of yarn on the next line so that your yarn doesn’t have to be so long. Have fun!

*Grab the Quarters ~ Put out a pile of coins and show your kiddo which one is a quarter. Have them separate out all o f the quarters. Try it with the coins in water also!We counted them when we put them back in the pile (25, 50, 75 a dollar)!

*Guess Which Hand the Quarter is In? ~ This is a great restaurant game when kids are getting antsy! One player starts with a quarter in his hands. The other player closes his eyes while the first player puts the quarter back and forth in his hands. When the player with his eyes closed says "hands out" they can open their eyes and guess which hand the quarter is in.
You can play this in teams as well while sitting at a table with hands passing the quarter under the table. 

Letter Formation:
*Q w/ Quill and Ink ~ This was really fun! Use the end of a feather to serve as the quill end. We used watered down paint as our "ink". Then practice writing a Q and q with the quill! After doing the Q,q we tried the whole alphabet.

Music and Movement:
*Quarter Song ~ Check this video and sing along. Money can be a difficult concept for kiddos to understand so exposure to it when they are young like this is great!

*Quesadillas ~ You could also have quinoa, quince or Quaker.
More ideas…

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Quirky Q!
Happy Teaching!
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