Monday, February 10, 2014

School Valentine Treasure Hunt for Kindergarten, First or Second grade classes

Here is a fun treasure hunt you can do with your class! The clues go around the school! Just cut out the hearts from the free printable and post them in the places given below. I am hiding boxes of conversation hearts as the treasure but you can do anything (Valentine’s cards, pencils, hearts, etc)! I have included a blank heart at the end of the printable if you want to write them a note about their treasure.

Save the first heart and clue #1 to give to the students. Hide Clue #2 – music room, Clue #3 – computer lab, Clue #4 – library, Clue #5 – gym, Clue #6 – office, Clue #7 – lunch room, and the
TREASURE – a trail of hearts by the classroom door to the treasure

Go HERE to print the Valentine Treasure Hunt!

On the way down the halls go quick but don’t run
The next clue is where you sing and have fun!

Go next to where you could type a Valentine
You could type I heart U or WILL U BE MINE?

Clue #3
The next clue is where you can read about V-day
Go now but remember to be quiet along the way!

You will find the next clue where you run, jump and hop
Get going my friends, please do not stop!

CLUE #5The next clue is the first stop as you enter the school
Tell the secretaries there that you think they are cool!

Good job, you are getting very close to the end
Go next to where you gobble down lunch with a friend

You have come this far because of your smarts
Go to the classroom door and follow the hearts!

More ideas…
Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Valentines Treasure Hunt!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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