Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Comparing Snow Sensory Tubs

So someone at my house has been obsessed with making different types of snow sensory tubs to see which one is the best (yes, it is me). The kids have loved it though also! We have compared 6 different types of “snow” and I have given you our thoughts below!
Enjoy Comparing Snow Sensory Tubs for
Sprouts and Seedlings (toddler/preschool and elementary age)...

Sparkle Snow ~ from Growing a Jeweled Rose

  • Need: Cornstarch, Shaving Cream, Shaving Cream, Peppermint Extract, "SnowFlakes" and glitter.
    Everywhere was out of the "SnowFlakes" claiming it was a winter item (although it is still January) so we skipped that ingredient. We also added tin foil for patches of ice. 
  • Cost: $3 (w/o "SnowFlakes")
  • Review: The mixing of this "snow" is wonderful by itself (a bit messy)! The boys loved the texture and the smell of this snow - a great sensory snow! I can't wait to try this with the "SnowFlakes". Try this one!

Snow Dough ~ from The Imagination Tree
  • Need: Cornstarch, Vegetable oil (or baby oil), and Glitter.
     Hornet also added snowflake sequins.
  • Cost: $3
  • Review: We loved the texture of this "snow" - nice and silky. This was the best mixture for good snowman and snowball making. We ended up adding a bunch of pine cones, pine needles and moss to our batch and had some fun building a winter wonderland! *FAVORITE!
    Update - a year later this batch of snow stayed in great shape. The others were yucky after a couple weeks but this one still is perfectly snowy! I just kept it in a bin with a lid.
Edible Snow (not to really eat, but it could be eaten) ~ from Growing a Jeweled Rose (she calls it Cake Dough)
  • Need: Cake Mix (we added marshmallows to build igloos and caves)
  • Cost: $1 for each mix (we used 3 mixes and the marshmallows we had)
  • Review: The boys liked building with the marshmallows and playing with their animals in this snow. They often had white around their mouths as well but who could blame them. This mix is great for a sensory material but not our favorite "snow".

Real Snow ~ from mother nature :)
  • Need: Snow (the real stuff)
  • Cost: Free
  • Review: It has been cold and we haven't had much snow but I was able to scrape enough up for a bin. At first the boys grouched because it was cold and I began to think making up all of this "fake snow" has made them wimpy. After a minute or two though they were busy having fun and didn't even notice the cold. They were getting bowls of water to melt the snow and were making snowballs. This was a great way to spend time playing with snow when it is extremely cold outside (otherwise I prefer going outside for the real deal)!

Play Dough Snow ~ from Nurture Store
  • Need: Cornstarch, Salt, Boiling Water, Cream of Tartar, Veggie Oil, Glitter.
  • Cost: $2-3 (depending on what you have on hand)
  • Review: This is a great play dough recipe and fun for making tracks in the snow, snowballs, snowmen, and all those other ways kids come up with for playing with it. Roly Poly made tracks with all of his favorite animals since we were working on the "t" sound and talking about tracks in the snow!

Insta-Snow ~ from Hobby Lobby
  • Need: Water and Insta-Snow (found in aisle with the mini-trees and models)
  • Cost: $12.99 (use a 40% coupon to make it $8)
  • Review: I was hesitant to spend the money to buy this and really prefer a homemade option for snow but I splurged since I thought it would make the review complete. Well, it was a hit with the boys and money well spent - this stuff is fun to mix (and non-toxic) and very cool to touch! It just melts through your fingers. We haven't used all of ours (it says it makes 2 gallons). Try it only if you have a coupon!

More ideas…Have you made “snow” that you like?...

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Comparing Snow Sensory Tubs!
Happy Winter


  1. This looks super fun. I will try the edible snow this weekend. Super cute. Have you ever played with those little crystals they make to absorb water. Yes you have to wash hands well after play, but it is super fun.

    1. Is it the water beads? The insta-snow was kind of like that and was very fun to watch plump up when you added the water. Have fun making the edible snow - I'm sure your creative girls will think up other fun things to add to it!

  2. Oh my Sara, your blog is SOOOoooo much FUN!! I flipped back through Thanksgiving and fell in love with your Glass Turkey Jars and your yarn laced Christmas trees, pinned them both and this sensory bin comparison...LOVE! I need to get some of that insta-snow. I have a feeling my toddler would be in heaven!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! You mentioned you loved the idea of co-hosting the Mingle Blog Hop. I am going to add you to the calendar to co-host but I need your email address. Would you shoot me an email ( or leave me a comment with it?? Thanks so much! :)

    1. Thank you! I am pretty new to the blog world and it is blogs like yours that have been great inspiration!


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