Monday, January 14, 2013

Terrific Letter T (Alphabet Wall)

We were checking out little bunny tracks in the snow and instantly I knew that it was a great week for T! We have done fun things with "snow sensory bins" this week as well so that we could make tracks in the snow. The past several naptimes big brother, Hornet and I have been prepping different snow tubs with different materials so that when the little boys (Roly Poly and Firefly) wake up they can have new "Winter Wonderlands" to play with and make tracks in. Check out our Snow Sensory Tub Review to find out what "snow" we liked best. 

The funny thing is that Roly Poly just has it stuck in his head that "t" is the sound picture for "b" as in bunny (since the first tracks we spotted were bunny tracks). Even after Tire Track painting and Tilly the Turtle, several tracks books and making tracks he is still pretty sure it says "b". It's pretty cute. Oh and hey even if you aren't doing the letter T, if you haven't done tire track painting it is a must! My boys love it! We also had fun with trains and a tea party!

For the rest of the Alphabet,
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Enjoy this
Terrific Tfor (Seedlings ~ preschool age)...

What we did for the Terrific Letter T?...
Alphabet Wall:
*Tire Track Painting ~
dip trucks, trains and cars in paint and zoom away!

*Read  When Tilly Turtle Came to Tea (Alpha Tales book) and The STU Book (Bob Book Pre-Reader)

 *Read a few fabulous tracks books!  Wild Tracks! by Jim Arnosky, Who's Been Here by Fran Hodgkins, and Tracks in the Snow by Wong Herbert Yee. The first one is great with real size tracks and the last two are fun to read right after each other as they have a different take on following tracks through the snow.

*Read some train books! Trains Go by Steve Light, Trains by Gail Gibbons, and Mighty Machines Trains by Jean Coppendale. 
*Tire Track painting~ see above. We saved the extras and cut them up to make into cards and ornaments!
*Triangle Collage~ Teach the kiddos how to cut triangles from a strip of paper. We used colored paper and newspaper. Then just let them glue them down for a collage. Roly Poly had an ocean scene in his head and decided he couldn't just stick with triangles so he adapted some of his triangles.  We did the Triangle Sort first and then used those triangles as well for the collage.

*Matching Animal Tracks - I printed this Tracks Matching Game and cut them out. Then I scattered the square tracks pieces on the ground face down. I also put the animal picture and track cards face up on the fireplace. The boys would grab an animal track card and then go match it to the animal. I have animal lovers so they enjoyed talking about the different animals as they did this!

*Tracks in the "snow" - we used some of our favorite animals to make tracks in "snow". We made these in our sensory snow bin of white glitter playdough - my animal lover (Roly Poly) loved this!

 *Train play – the boys got out all of the trains and played. If you don’t have trains you can make some paper ones with long rectangles of paper. 
*Wrapping Paper Tube and Tissue Box Train – check out these fun Up-cycled Trains that one of my friends and her little guy made!

 *Triangle Color Sort~ I gave the kids a pile of colorful triangles and the kids sorted them onto colored paper of their matching color. We did this first and then the kiddos cut more triangle for the Triangle Collage (see above).

Letter Formation:
*T on sand paper  

*T with body and hands

Music and Movement:
*Train Stop~ We played this like “Green Light, Red Light”. When I said choo choo they would go and when I said stop they would stop. 

*I’m a Little Tea Pot ~ This is a classic song that every youngster should sing and do the motions to! 
*Tea Party ~ My boys absolutely love to have tea parties! We get out my special tea cups and they get to pick their own tea or during the summer we go pick mint leaves. Sometimes tea gets spilled all over but they have learned to do a pretty good job. I love this time with my boys!

More ideas…

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Terrific T!
Happy Teaching!

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