Thursday, September 6, 2012

Army Party (Bouquet Event)

My oldest boy just had his 6th birthday and he chose an ARMY theme!
We had so much fun!  A few days before the party we had the boys over to tie-dye shirts. When the boys arrived they put on face paint (my husband gave my youngest black eyebrows so I gave him a curly mustache) and army print bandanas. The party was organized into missions, so of course their first mission was basic training. Then they headed through an obstacle course. Since they all did well as new recruits they had a mission to hunt for some dog tags and army tattoos. Their next missions were the parachute drop, army men squirt down and then the grenade throw. We finished off with lunch, cake and a tank piñata! 
Thank you to a friend, K.M. for all of the great ideas!
Here are a few ideas for an
Army Event for
Sprouts and Seedlings (toddler/preschool and elementary age)...

Basic Training and Obstacle Course MISSION
The Stuff
The Prep
The FUN!
  • Obstacle course supplies (noodles, boxes, slides, tunnels, etc)

Set up obstacle course
*see Olympic post for hurdles to see how to make army crawl out of pool noodles – we just put them a little higher
1. Have someone lead exercises for basic training

2. Kids go through obstacle course – the boys did this several times!

Egg Hunt (dog tags and tattoos) MISSION
The Stuff
The Prep
The FUN!
  • Plastic easter eggs
  • Dog tags (we got ours at Party store)
  • Army tattoos

Stuff eggs with dog tags and tattoos

Hide eggs
1. Kids hunt for eggs

2. Put on tattoos and dog tags

Parachute Drop MISSION
The Stuff
The Prep
The FUN!
  • Parachutes *(homemade or store bought – if you buy them from the store make sure you take out and put together – cheapo ones are quite cheap!)

Prepare parachutes
1. Let kids drop/throw parachutes. You may want to teach them how to fold up the chute a couple times before throwing.

Army Men Squirt MISSION
The Stuff
The Prep
The FUN!
  • Squirt guns (foam ones work better but plastic ones are much cheaper)
  • Water source to refill (we used the sun tea pitcher with spout on bottom)
  • Army men

Set up army men around yard
1. Kids shoot down army men with squirt gun!

This was a favorite mission until the next one…

Water Grenade MISSION
The Stuff
The Prep
The FUN!
  • Water grenades (balloons)

Fill water grenades
1. Set up a target (doesn’t have to be a person)

2. Kids throw water balloons!!!

The Stuff
The Prep
The FUN!
  • Chocolate cake mix
  • Vanilla cake mix
  • Green food coloring
  • Frosting
  • Army figures

Prepare chocolate and vanilla cake mixes

Take 1/3 of chocolate and mix with 1/3 of vanilla. Add green food color.

1. Drop spoonfuls of chocolate, vanilla and green food color into muffin cups or cake pan.

2. Bake

3. Frost

4. Decorate!

More ideas…

We also had an army tank pinata
Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Army Event!
Happy Birthday Hornet (my 6 year old!)
p.s. I was trying to think of flower/plant names to use for the boys since it fit with my theme of "garden" but they all sounded a bit girly so we thought of
bug names instead!

Hubby ~ Daddy Longlegs
6 year old ~ Hornet
almost 4 year old ~ Roly Poly
2 1/2 year old ~ Firefly
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