Sunday, September 30, 2012

Core Knowledge Preschool Week Two (Bouquet of Ideas))

Enjoy this
Core Knowledge Preschool Week TWO for
(Seedlings preschool age)...

From the Program…
*(Pages 6-10): Red, Left to Right, Faces, Name
What we Added…
*Made Red Discovery Bottles
(one with water/oil and RED beads, sequins, pompoms, crayon, crayon shavings, pipe cleaners, straws, yarn, etc.)
(another with water and 2 dried out red markers)
*Made Leaf Faces (not pictured – just arranged leaves into faces)
*Lined up animals from left to right and smallest to largest (not pictured but can do with anything – rocks, leaves, cars, legos, … whatever your kiddo likes!)
*Tape Resist Finger Paint Names (Single Stem post coming soon)
*The Letter E (see Exciting E post)
*Red Lunch – I had planned to do a couple red snacks but somehow we ended up having a red lunch (with a couple other colors)

More ideas…

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Core Knowledge Preschool Week TWO!
Happy Teaching!
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