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Bob Book Games for Set 1 {Collection 1 Books 1-12}

Heard of Bob Books?
The Bob Books Sets are a fabulous series of books for beginning readers (there is now a pre-reader set as well!). I personally like them because they advance in a sequential way that builds skills by slowly increasing the difficulty. For example the first book in set 1 has easier and less sounds and words than books further along in the series. I also like that the pictures are simple and engaging but not distracting (although my boys have colored many of the pictures to give them a little pizzazz). You can buy the books at Scholastic, Amazon, Costco or at garage sales. If you are a Costco member I encourage buying them there. They sell them by the Collection which is 1 1/2 sets (18 books) for $10. The size of the books in the Collection is much bigger than the sets so it is easier to keep them from getting lost.

So, what have we done with the Bob Books?
I am always trying to make learning fun so I have taken the Bob Books and created games/activities to go along with them. The games are for 1-4 books at a time so you don’t have to create a game for each book. Many of the games also are made from recyclables or items that you may already have in your home so you aren’t going to spend a ton making them. What we do is practice reading the book several times and then play the game related to the book (which also practices reading). You could also do the reverse and play the game before reading the book. Hornet has four friends that we pass the books and games to as well – if you make the games I encourage finding friends to share them with! I also encourage you to not only make the games for your kids but to play it with them as well. Have fun and enjoy… 

Bob Books Set 1 – Games and Activities for
Sprouts and Seedlings (toddler/preschool and elementary age)...

Fishing for Words
(Book 1: Mat & Book 2: Sam)
The Stuff
The FUN!
Bob Books 1,2,3,4
Tissue Box
Small dowel or pencil
Small magnet
Paper clips

1. Tissue box can be covered with paper and glue or left alone.
2.  Make fishing pole by gluing yarn to one end of dowel and other end to small magnet.
3. Print Set 1 Books 1-4 Word List.
Make “fish” by cutting words from list on solid lines.
5. Put a paper clip on each word.

Go fishing! Kiddos fish for a paper by putting the magnet end of the fishing pole in the box and pulling out a paper. Then they read it! Have fun!
*we also did the same thing with numbers to practice adding.

Lego Words (Book 5: Dot and Mit & Book 6: Dot and the Dog)
The Stuff
The FUN!
Bob Books 5 & 6
Legos (medium to larger size work best for writing words)
Permanent marker

1. Print Set 1 Books 5 & 6 Word List (or just look at it while you write the words on the Legos).
2. With a permanent marker write the words from the list on the Legos or you can cut the words out and tape them on if you don’t want to permanently have words on your Legos – the size on the printable will fit on the larger Lego size. You can also write the letters on the Legos (instead of the words) and have them build the words – I kind of wish I did it this way but it was fun just reading the words as well.

Kiddos build with the legos. They can read the legos as they go or after they are finished building.

Sensory Tub of Words (Book 7: Jig and Mag & Book 8: Muff and Ruff)
The Stuff
The FUN!
Bob Books 7 & 8
Tub or box
Sensory item (rice, pasta, sand, fake snow, corn – We used corn because we did this for our Fall Sensory Tub)
2 cups

1. Put sensory items in a tub or box.
2. Print Set 1 Books 7-8 Word List. (I printed mine on card stock because it was going to be shared with many kids).
3. Cut words on solid lines and mix them into the sensory tub.
4. Put two cups in tub (one for “Got It” and one for “Keep Practicing”).

Pull a word out of the sensory tub and read it. If you get it correct put it in the “Got It” cup and if you miss it put it in the “Keep Practicing” cup. At the end you can pull the words out or the “Keep Practicing” cup and try again.

Beaded Words (Book 9: 10 Cut-Ups)
The Stuff
The FUN!
Bob Book 9
Letter Beads (we got ours at Hobby Lobby)
Pipe cleaners
Hole Punch
Set 1 Book 9: Word List (printable) – best if printed on cardstock

1. Print Set 1 Book 9 Word List and fold at the margin on the left. (I laminated my list before folding because it was going to be shared with many kids).
2.  Punch holes on left side of fold and put pipe cleaner through. I used one pipe cleaner for 2 holes (see pic).
3.  Gather lettered beads to make sure you have enough for each word (you may have to change some blank beads with a sharpie to an “S”).

Kids first but on a colored bead for the number and then put on the letter beads for the word! Read the words!

Word Puzzles (Books 10: Peg and Tad, 11: Lad and the Fat Cat and 12: The Vet)
The Stuff
The FUN!
Bob Books 10, 11 &12

1. Print Set 1 Books 10-12 Word List.
2.  Cut in the middle space of each word a zig-zaggy line (different zig-zag for each word)
3.  Cut out each word along the solid line.
*I put the words in three bags (one for a, one for e and another for i,o,u) and we played 3 rounds.

Spread out the puzzle pieces and put the words together! Read the words!

More ideas…

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Bob Books Set 1 – Games and Activities

Happy Reading and Playing
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