Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"The Littles" Book Club

This summer a group of moms and our incoming first graders will be having a book club! We will be reading 3 books to our kids (one for each month of June, July and August). Each book is the first one in a separate series so that the kiddos can see if they like that series or not (and if they do there are many more to read in that series)! The books are all about a 3-4th grade reading level which is a bit above their reading levels and makes for a great book read aloud.

The first book in our book club this summer was “The Littles” by John Peterson. It is about a super cute family of little people that live inside the walls of the big people’s house. They have many fun adventures as you can imagine! 

Hornet (6yr old) and I liked “The Littles” so we continued to read more in the series. While with some series it does not matter which order you read them in, I think that “The Littles” are best read in their correct order. There is some discrepancy in the order so check out both here and here and choose!

Before the date of the book club meeting, each mom read the book aloud to their child. Then we met at a park, reviewed the book, played “The Littles” Search and Find and lastly played Mice and Littles Hide and Seek. Fun was had by all!

Enjoy this single stem idea of “The Littles” Book Club for
Kindergarten to Second Graders…

The Stuff:
*”The Littles” book
*Copy of the Littles family (color, cut out and tape around in hidden spots)
*Copies for each kid of “The Littles” Search and Find

Picture from Next Time Gadget blog

The FUN!
PREP: Color and cut the Littles family. (One of the moms copied pics of the Littles family from the book but I found this cute picture of them all from Next Time Gadget that you can use. Hide the Littles around your house, a park, or backyard.

1. Discussion:
One of the moms led the discussion of what happened in the book, the characters, setting and their favorite parts.

2. “The Littles” Search and Find Game:
Each kiddo was given “The Littles” Search and Find sheet and a pencil. They members of the Little family were hidden around the park and when the kids found them they wrote in the chart where they were found (ex. bench, basketball post, slide, etc). It was great summer practice for their writing! When they found them all they ran back to the moms and then went to help the younger siblings.
See Tom Little hiding! He is on the bottom of a basketball post
Kiddos are writing where they found the Littles family members

3. Mice and Littles Hide and Seek:
To start we had two kids be the mice and the rest were the Littles. The Littles went and hid and the mice tried to find them for a classic game of hide and seek. When a Little was caught he joined the mice. The kids played this a few times and enjoyed it! The best thing about this is it was one of the kid’s idea!
The Littles running from the mice!

Hiding from the mice!
Stay tuned for our next book club for Encyclopedia Brown!

More ideas…
Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the “The Littles” Book Club!
Happy Reading
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