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Cereal Box Up-cycled (CSA Bouquet of Ideas)

For the CSA (Community Supported Activities/Crafts/Organization)
  Spring 2013 the supply is a Cereal Box.

Each season a handful of awesome friends and I are going to use a household supply item (that might otherwise be tossed) and find a way to up-cycle it! 

You can join in on the fun – email me to add your up-cycle idea for next season’s item (Summer 2013 plastic tub – like yogurt/sour cream)! You can always add to any other previous CSA items as well!
Start thinking and creating! There will be a random winner each season!
I hope you get some fresh ideas!

Cereal Box Up-cycled
Community Supported Activities/Crafts/Organization
for All Ages!

Birthday Party House
This house can be used for any little animal/toy that your kiddo likes and the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating the house!
MADE by, Cecilia and her little one who loves little things!

The Stuff
The FUN!
2 Cereal Boxes
Wrapping Paper
Glue Stick
1.   On one cereal box cut out the face on 3 sides, leaving one of the long sides connected. 
2.   Once open, cut out one of the long sides of the other cereal box, with the tabs.  Use that piece for the floor in the
middle, and attach with tape (heavy packing tape works best). 
3.   Next, cut out a long strip for the stairs, as long as the length of the box
and as wide as you want.  Fold to make stairs and attach wherever you
4.   Decorate with markers and use wrapping paper for wallpaper.

Park and Play Garage
Didn’t this turn out great! She found the idea from Spoonful!
MADE by, Karen and her little car man!

The Stuff
The FUN!
2 cereal boxes
4-5 toilet paper rolls
Yellow marker
Heavy duty tape (I used clear packing tape)
1.   Cut out the big front side panel of the cereal box (no sides- will be the bottom part of the garage).
2.   On the backside panel piece (has the side/top/bottom pieces on it), cut out an opening to enter the the garage from (can do just 1 side or both).
3.   On each toilet paper roll, cut slits about 1 cm deep & 2 cm apart all the way around each roll on both ends (be sure they are uniform).
4.   Bend the slits back so they lay at a 90degree angle to the roll.
5.   Push the rolls with the spread out slits up on the bottom side of the upper garage piece in each of the 4 corners & tape down.
6.   Put the bottom side of the garage piece below it and tape the rolls to that.
7.   Create a ramp by using the 2nd cereal box to cut out one of the long skinny side pieces.  Tape it to the top garage piece.
8.   Use yellow marker to create parking space lines.

*optional:  use a 5th toilet paper roll to support the upper garage piece in the middle.

Cereal Box Organizer
Small supplies (sticker, scrap paper, ec) can be organized in these cereal box shelves. Karen’s advice is not to put anything heavy on the top as it will cave in.
Check out the instructions from Toddler Toddler.

She also made a vertical cereal box organizer (in the second picture) to hold paper like the one from Katydid andKid!
MADE by, Karen

We Heart Earth
For Earth Day this year we made a “We Heart Earth” craft out of recyclable items. One of those items just happened to be a cereal box.
Checkout the instructions here!

MADE by, Sara and her earth lovers (Hornet, Roly Poly and Firefly)
Cereal Box Journals
The boys and I made cereal box journals to draw pictures and write about the farms that we visit this year. We first made farm journals but we have since made bug, aquarium and nature journals the same way!
Hornet and Roly Poly are big into drawing and this has been great for keeping (some) of their drawings in one place and not all over the house! Hornet also has been in to writing stories so this has been a fun way to keep him writing through the summer and he feels as though his stories are made into a real book!

Check out the instructions here!
MADE by, Sara and her little writers (Hornet, Roly Poly and Firefly)

Web-links to more ideas…

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Cereal Boxes Up-cycled
Community Supported Activities/Crafts/Organization!
Happy Up-cycling!
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