Monday, September 23, 2013

Five Little Pumpkins

For our Halloween Party at school last year we had some fun with the classic “Five Little Pumpkins” poem! My kids and I had made up some glove puppets with pumpkins on each finger that worked perfect for reciting the poem. To start the party off I read the story Five Little Pumpkins and then the adult volunteers each had a glove pumpkin glove puppet and they helped teach the kids with the hand motions (free printable from Teaching Tiny Tots- I had a copy for each adult). The kiddos thought this was fun! I left the pumpkin glove puppets at the front of the room for the rest of the party so that kids could put them on and practice the story themselves.

The 5 Little Pumpkins did not stop there though and we did a fun craft for the pumpkins on a gate! I got the idea for the fist pumpkins from I Heart Crafty Things and we added putting them on a gate and some chalk details. 

Enjoy this single stem idea of Five Little Pumpkins for
for Sprouts (ages 5-10)

The Stuff
The FUN!
Five Little Pumpkins Poem from Teaching Tiny Tots - this has the words and motions!

Five Little Pumpkins book by Dan Yaccarino (or by Iris Van Rynbach)

For the Glove Pumpkin Puppets:
Black glove
Pumpkin foam stickers (or orange paper, markers and glue to make your own)

For the Five Pumpkins on a Gate:
Blue paper
Brown paper cut in strips
Orange paint
Green paint
Chalk (optional)

For the Glove Pumpkin Puppets:
1. To make glove pumpkins just put a pumpkin on each finger of a glove. We used foam stickers that were already in pumpkin shapes so it was quite easy. You could also cut out pumpkins from paper, decorate them and glue them on each finger of the glove. Instead of doing this ahead of time this could be a fun craft for the kiddos to do!

For the Five Pumpkins on a Gate:
1.Cut and glue brown strips on blue paper to make a gate.

2. Make a fist and dip front of fist in orange paint. Stamp on paper 5 times for 5 pumpkins. We dipped back in the paint as needed.

3. Take pointer finger and dip in green paint and then on pumpkin tops for stems.

4. Wash hands.  

5. If have extra time add other fun decorations with white chalk!  

Let dry and display!

Use the Glove Puppets to act out the poem!
Cut and glue gate
Paint 5 pumpkins on a gate with fists
Add green stems, chalk details and let dry


Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Five Little Pumpkins!
Happy Crafting
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