Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tissue Jack-O-Lantern Bottles

I love tissue crafts because they are simple to prep and they can be done with many ages. They also can be messy with the glue and tissue (and I like a little messy). We previously made tissue lanterns for the Fourth of July with a range of ages and they all turned out great – especially when it is dark and there is a candle in them. For the Fourth of July we used glass jars and battery candles. I wanted to do the jars for the Fall class party but I couldn’t collect enough jars for the class in the time and I also envisioned a kid dropping it on the way home and glass breaking everywhere, so we went with plastic water bottles instead which I was able to collect enough of. We then used glow sticks to light them which fit perfectly in the bottles and went well with Halloween! This was a fun center at our Fall class party but it also would be fun to do at home with your own kiddos!

Enjoy this single stem idea of
Tissue Jack-O-Lantern Bottles for
for Seedlings and Sprouts (ages 2-10)

The Stuff
The FUN!
Empty plastic water bottles w/ lid
Orange tissue paper cut into small squares (or have kids tear their own tissue)
Glue watered down
Paint brushes
Green paint
Black paper

Note – if doing this with a class, put a piece of wax paper with their names written on it where the bottles will dry. This will save you the hassle of figuring out who they belong to. Once dry you can write the names on them with a marker.

1. Paint a coat of watered down glue over the water bottle. It is easiest to take the lid off during this step so you can put finger in bottle to hold it.

2. Cover glue with orange tissue. 

3. Put another layer of glue over the tissue. Repeat another layer of tissue if want. End with a layer of glue.

4. Cut out a face with black paper. 

5. Put face on bottle.  
6. Put lid back on bottle and paint bottle lid green for the stem.
*(we put a unused glow stick in each of our bottles before we put the lids on to paint so that when they got home they could bend them and make them glow at night).

6. Let dry.   

7. When it is dark, bend a glow stick so it is glowing. Put glow stick inside bottle. Put lid back on and watch the Jack-O-Lantern glow!

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Tissue Jack-O-Lantern Bottles!
Happy Crafting
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