Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Liebster Award


Blogging has its ups and downs for me. I love doing crafts, activities and of course having get-togethers but the sitting down at the computer part is my not-so-fun part. Words do not flow from me and photography is also not one of my talents (kinda biggies in blogging) but the problem is I have an obsession with sharing, so therefore I blog. It is the fun comments on the blog or when people say they tried something that I shared that keeps me blogging - I love that! Of course then I was very excited to have recently been nominated by Melissa at Good Things Come in Small Packages for The Liebster Award!!! Thank you Melissa! Thank you also for my friends that leave comments - they brighten my day!

Below I have answered some "get to know me" questions from Melissa at Good Things Come in Small Packages...

1. Which fictional character do you most identify with?
Tisha from the book Tisha. She is a teacher that heads up to Alaska to teach. I actually did the opposite and headed out of AK (best state ever) to teach. I identify with her need for adventure with a bit of structure! 

2. What song would you pick as the soundtrack of your life?
I'm not sure but my sister had me do some online test for it and they said my song was I Don't Feel Like Dancing by Sister Scissors. I don't think the song suits me but it is a funny YouTube video to watch. 

3. Name your favorite childhood toy.
Barbies - seems crazy now but I really loved them. My boys think it is funny that I liked them. When they are grouchy at each other, they often say, "you are a going to get a barbie for Christmas" or "you like to play with barbies".

4. Explain why you blog in 15 words or less.
I like to share!

5. What is the most unusual thing to happen to you while on vacation?
While in Costa Rica on my honeymoon we went to a place called Tortuguero. It was beautiful and very rustic. We had to wade through a couple of inches to get to our hut which wasn't that big of deal until we spotted a snake going through the water. I got a bit creeped out but was happy that our hut was on stilts...until I got inside and saw that we had a hole in the bottom of our floor that could see right down into the water. After seeing the snake, water, hole in floor I just couldn't sleep. Thankfully there was another hut available that we moved in to the next day. That one just had a friendly lizard that took residence in the bathroom. It was good practice for having three boys that are animal/reptile/amphibian lovers!!!

6. Chocolate or vanilla?
Vanilla (although beginning to become a chocolate lover as well)

7. Thing (food or otherwise) you crave most often?
Coffee. I quit drinking it last year but then started up again when I realized I like it too much to quit. :)

8. You are a closet _______ fan. 
pink. No, not the singer, but yes, the color. I still can't stand light pink but dark pink (like magenta or fuchsia) has really grown on me.

9. Movie you can't help but cry while watching.
Not sure the last time I cried at a movie. It takes me about 3 times watching it to make it through a full movie since I fall asleep during most movies, so I don't think I connect enough to cry. Actually I think I teared up a bit the other night while watching the documentary, Blackfish. It is a must see! 

10. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
I am proud of and really like the play tree house that I built for Roly Poly when he turned 3!

11. If I could be in a room with anyone throughout history, I would choose ____________ because...
Susan B. Anthony because she had tremendous courage to stand up and fight for women's rights! I would like to thank her for what she did for women. 

Now, to pay it forward I would like to nominate these women for sharing on their lovely blogs! Check them out and give them a little blog love (follow or comment)!

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9. How did you come up with your blog name?
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11. How many hours did you sleep last night?

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