Friday, November 1, 2013

Wonderful Letter W (Alphabet Wall)

We had fun with the letter W a couple weeks ago (with other festivities and projects I am a bit behind in posts)! There is actually quite a bit to do with the letter W. There are worms (a family favorite), watercolors, watermelon, wheels, water cycle and more! We had some fun eating, crafting and playing with wagon wheel noodles so pick some up next time you are at the store. 

For the rest of the Alphabet, go HERE!

Enjoy this
Wonderful W for
(Seedlings ~ preschool age)...

What we did for the Wonderful Letter W?...
Alphabet Wall:
*Wagon Wheel Pasta ~
Glue wheel pasta to W. We just used plain but it would be fun to dye these colors. *I also thought it would be fun to glue down wheat.

*Read Worm’s Wagon (Alpha Tales book) and The VW Book (Bob Book Pre-Reader)

*Read some Watermelon books ~ One Watermelon Seed  by Celia Barker Lottridge and The Watermelon Seed  by Greg Pizzoli

*Read a Wheel book
~ The Wheels on the Bus  by Jane Cabrera

*Read some Worm books too
~ Winnie Finn, Worm Farmer  by Carol Brendler,  Diary of a Worm  by Doreen Cronin, An Earthworm’s Life  by John Himmelman, and Wiggle and Waggle by Caroline Arnold

*Watercolor ~ Break out the watercolors or make your own and just let the kiddos paint! Roly Poly (4 yrs) is my very artistic one and he really loves to just paint and create. He often paints some sort of habitat for an animal and so it is super fun to talk to him about what is in his paintings because they are quite detailed. On the other hand Fire Fly (3yrs) just likes to cover his page with color!

*Worm Painting ~
We did this a couple years ago and the boys continue to like it. Don’t forget to only let the worms “paint” for a short bit and then was them afterward because they breathe through their skin. Go HERE for details.  

*Wheel Collage ~ The boys had fun making these collages. The cut a bunch of shapes for vehicles and then added the wagon wheel pasta for the wheels. I love when art has form (like in our Umbrella Art). 
*Water Table ~ I filled the water table with cars and bubbles and they did a car wash. Just playing in a tub of water is fun for the kiddos too (you don’t need a fancy table).

*Water Cycle ~ I had planned to discuss the water cycle so when we had our first snow I leapt into action. I had the boys gather a snowball while I gathered three jars. We filled the jars with hot water, put the lids upside down and then added our snowballs (ice works as well). I then had them act out the water cycle and then we went to peek on our jars to see what changed. The water and ice jars are a good visual of the water cycle but the acting it out is even more fun and adds in that kinesthetic! For the acting it out have them start as a body of water (lake, stream, ocean, etc) then have them evaporate up into the air and form clouds. Then have the clouds get heavy and rain/snow down until they are a body of water again!
The Water Cycle in action! (This pic is raining down)

*Watermelon Seed Spitting ~
Quite often the watermelon you get from the stores is seedless so either grow your own, get one from a farmer’s market or look for a seeded on in the stores. Then just have fun spitting them out. You can make a target or just have fun spitting them!
That was a good watermelon!

Letter Formation:
*W with white crayon
*W with hands

Music and Movement:
*Wheels on the Bus~ A good classic song that every young child should sing!

*Wagon Wheel pasta and Watermelon ~ You could also have wafers, waffles, wax beans and water cress. 

 More ideas…
Water balloons!
Water experiments

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Wonderful W!
Happy Teaching!
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