Monday, December 16, 2013

Outstanding Letter O (Alphabet Wall)

The letter O is fun because it is easy to spot and to draw. Firefly (3) cannot draw many letters but he is sure proud of his O! For the letter O we made the color orange and did some octopus art. We also played with cheerios (or O’s as we called them this week). Have fun with the letter O!

For the rest of the Alphabet,
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Enjoy this
Outstanding O
for (Seedlings ~ preschool age)...

What we did for the Outstanding Letter O?...

Alphabet Wall:
*O’s with lids ~
Lids make a perfect O stamp. Just dip them in paint and stamp it on the O. The chunkier the lid, the easier it is for little hands to hold.
*Read  Olive the Octopus's Day of Juggling (Alpha Tales book) and The OP Book (Bob Book Pre-Reader)
*Read some Octopus books! Good Thing You'reNot an Octopus by Julie Markes, Tickly Octopus by Ruth Galloway, and Gentle Giant Octopus by Karen Wallace.

*Orange Octopus with O’s~ For this we made the color orange in a ziplock (see below under activities). Then we glued cheerios (O’s) to 8 strips of orange felt (paper or other fabric would be fine also). They glued the strips (I later stapled them) to the zipper side of the ziplock for arms. They then added a face! These looked really cool hanging in the window!

 *O Octopus pic~ They boys practiced writing an O. Then they turned the O into an octopus. This was Roly Poly’s idea – anything to get in a drawing of an underwater scene for that boy!

*O (Cheerio) Name~ I put glue down for the letters of their names. They then put O’s (Cheerios) on the glue to make their name. When this is dry it is fun to trace their names over the O's with their fingers.

*Make Orange – Open a ziplock bag (I recommend freezer for extra strength). Let your kiddos put a squirt of red and yellow in (you don’t need much). Then push the air out and zip it closed. Then tape it closed (I used packing tape). Now it is time for your kiddos to get mixing the colors together to make orange! Save this to make an Orange Octopus (above).  
*Oatmeal cookies – Make oatmeal cookies! A great recipe is from Brad CreerCooks! Yum! 
Letter Formation:
*O on sand paper 

*O with hands

Music and Movement:
*Orange Octopus~ Be warned, this is a catchy tune (I’m not sure why)– I am embarrassed to say that I have caught myself singing it without the boys around. The song is from DLTK.  

*Oranges, O’s and Oatmeal cookies ~ An easy snack!

More ideas…
Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Outstanding O!
Happy Teaching!
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