Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thoughtful Teacher Gifts

Teachers pour so much attention, hard work and love into our kiddos that it is always nice to give them a thoughtful gift for Christmas!

During my years as a teacher before staying at home I received many very sweet gifts (and of course some crazy ones too). My most memorable gifts was from one of my fifth grade girls and it was the first book she ever learned how to read. It had her little five year old handwriting in it with her name and was a very touching gift for her to give me. I of course still have that book today!

Now that I am on the other end of the equation as a parent that is appreciative of what teachers do for my kids I decided I should get a list of good ideas for "Teacher Gifts" going. To start the year I gave my son's teacher a questionnaire as to what she liked. You can print it here. I also found out our school has a file with these saved for each teacher - isn't that a good idea! I then recently questioned some of my teacher friends that were at my house one morning as well as on my Brainstorm in Bloom facebook page as to what some good gifts are for teachers. They came up with an awesome list and I grouped them by theme (cause that's what I do).

p.s. Stay away from the dollar store ornaments and coffee mugs (teachers could probably start their own store with the amount of these they receive). Homemade ornaments are cool though. :)

p.s.s. Keep in mind the specials teachers as well. One of my friends said that they picked one specials teacher a year to also give something to. Another one of my friends makes cookies or an ornament for every school employee - that's like 50 people - talk about kind!

Cookie kit ~ Hot mit, cookie mix, spatula
Support women in Malawi, Africa with the purchase of this beautiful hot mit from dsenyo etsy site

Warmin' Up Items
~ Cute scarf, mittens, fuzzy socks, hot cocoa

Make this DIY Mason Jar Hot Chocolate from We Like to Learn as We Go blog
Writing kit
~ Personalized notepad, thank you cards, fun pens
Love these monogrammed note pads from k8inked etsy site
Need Sleep!
~ Pillow mist, chamomile tea, journal
This is a great Dream Journal from Knock Knock -
when I was teaching I always had paper next to my bed to jot down middle of the night thoughts

Personalized Jewelry ~Earrings, necklace, bracelets
Get this monogrammed necklace or a selection of other from my etsy shop, Rocky Mountain Mommas
Nail Kit ~ Nail file, polish, hand lotion, toe spreader
Check out this nail kit from Sephora. Go here for Sephora coupons!
kit ~ Hand soap, herbal salve and wooden nail brush, seeds, shovel, garden gloves
Get this one from etsy shop SageSweetgrassSoaps!

Book kit
~ Bookstore gift card, bookmark, book light, cozy socks
Love this bookmark from SnappinStudio etsy shop!

Cleaning fun ~ Slipper genie cleaning slippers, feather duster, maid :)

Who likes to clean? Might as well make it funny! Check out these fun Slipper Genies
Classroom items
~ Tubs, totes, markers, sticky notes,
good job stickers and other cute office supplies
I love my Mr. Sketch smelly markers
Indoor Recess items
~ Board games, card games, puzzles
These games get beat up over time so they are always appreciated.
Go for a classic, like Mouse Trap
Movie Night
~ Popcorn tub with candy, popcorn and a gift card to the movies
Get a Fandango movie gift card for use at a range of theaters
Homemade gifts ~
check out our Canvas Crayon Melt with Teacher Quote

Gift cards ~ find out where your teacher likes to shop or Starbucks and Target are usually loved by all!

Heartfelt letters ~ these are appreciated any time of year!

What else can you add to the list?
Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Thoughtful Teacher Gifts
Merry Christmas
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