Sunday, January 12, 2014

Marker Log (Organization)

At a children’s museum a couple years ago I saw a wood block with the marker lids glued in and thought it was a brilliant idea! Since then I have been wanting to make one because my little artist (Roly Poly) loves to draw but he also loves to chew on marker lids and often forgets to put the lids back on so they dry out. I was refusing to buy new markers to try and teach him a lesson so he was down to only pinks and purples (he really doesn't like those colors). Turns out he got some new markers in his stocking so I was forced to get making that marker block.

I drilled into a wood block but it just looked so boring. I was about to paint a salamander or alligator on it to jazz it up when the idea of using a log popped in my brain. So much easier than painting a reptile and I love the natural look!

I did go through 3 sets of markers to get it just right. Turns out that Gorilla glue and Tacky glue are bad choices, so go for the glue gun! Now that you know to use a glue gun the rest is easy. So, go out to the wood pile and grab a log to make your Marker Log!

The Stuff:
Log piece
Saw (miter saw, reciprocating saw or hand saw will work)
9/16 drill bit works for Crayola Markers (just match it up to the lids to check)
Glue gun and glue

The Fun:
1. Cut log to size. I used a miter saw (chop saw) but a reciprocating saw (sawzall) or even a hand saw would work just fine.

2. Plan out where you want to drill your holes. Space them as wide as you can.

3. Drill down an inch or so. You can mark your drill bit so they are all the same or you can just eyeball it. Make sure you are going straight down so your markers aren’t at an angle.

4. Knock all of the sawdust out of the holes.

5. Have your markers ready. Put hot glue in the bottom of each hole. Put the marker lids in. Push marker lids down. I glued down 4 markers at a time so the glue wouldn’t harden before I put the lid in.

6. Let dry before using. There you go, that’s it!

Note – it is easiest to get the markers out if you just pull them off to the side instead of pulling straight up. This will make more sense the first time you try it. 

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Marker Log
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