Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cardboard Snowmen Prints and Thank You Notes (Singe Stem Idea)

Using corrugated cardboard has become one of my favorite ways to make prints. We first did it for our Summer Craft Kits in 2011 when we made 4th of July shirts with Star Prints(pic is at bottom of post). I like using the cardboard because it is easy and looks unique. For the Cardboard Box Up-cycled we made Snowmen Prints which turned out quite cool as shown below. The idea for the Snowmen Thank You Notes occurred to me as the white painted circles for the Snowmen Prints were drying (I was planning to use them again with color for pattern practice). One look at them and I knew they just had to be made into snowmen as well. I tore off the lids from the backs that they used to stamp with and cut them smaller though so they could fit on a paper folded in half. The boys had fun turning making them into snowmen!

Enjoy this single stem idea of
Cardboard Snowman Prints and Thank You Notes for
Sprouts and Seedlings (toddler/preschool and elementary age)...

Cardboard Snowman Prints

The Stuff
The FUN!
Small plastic lids (or corks)
White Paint and brush
Markers (or paints)
Scraps of paper

1. Cut out cardboard circles (I traced various sized lids). Peel a layer of cardboard off to expose corrugation (I use a pencil to slide along each corrugated ridge. Slightly wet the corrugation to get rid of the shaggy ridges. Glue on lid to smooth side so kids can hold while stamping. Let dry.

2. Once lid is dry, paint ridges white. Stamp paper with three circles for snowmen.

3. Use markers, paint or paper scraps to decorate snowman.


Cardboard Snowman Thank You Notes

The Stuff
The FUN!
White painted cardboard circles from Snowman Prints
Colored paper (we used blue cardstock)
Envelope (we used left over Christmas pic envelopes)
Markers (or paints)
Scraps of paper (we used foam pieces)

1. Tear off lids from Snowmen Prints carefully.

2. Glue circles down on a piece of folded paper for a card.

3. Use markers, paint or paper scraps to decorate snowman.

4. Write thank you note and send!

More ideas…
Our first time with corrugated cardboard was...4th of July Star Shirts - idea from Spoonful but we did ours on red shirts which I thought made the stars stand out more!
Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Cardboard Snowman Prints and Thank You Notes!
Happy Crafting
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