Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Egg Cartons Up-Cycled (CSA)

This month for the CSA (Community Supported Activities/Crafts/Organization)
the supply is an Egg Carton.

Each month (changing to each season) a handful of awesome friends and I are going to use a household supply item (that might otherwise be tossed) and find a way to up-cycle it!
You can join in on the fun – email me or add your link for Spring’s item (cereal box)! You can add to any other supply that has been previously done as well. Start thinking and creating! There will be a random winner each season!
I hope you get some fresh ideas and enjoy this post of…

Egg Cartons Up-cycled
Community Supported Activities/Crafts/Organization
for All Ages!

Adorable Egg Carton Animals
Karen went crazy re-purposing egg cartons to make all of these fun animals with a group of kiddos while their families were visiting! Click the link below the pics to get instructions!
MADE by, Karen and a group of kiddos
Paper Plate Pig Craft from No Time for Flash Cards

Bunnies and Chicks from The Gold Jelly Bean

Piggy Noses from Fun in PreK-1

Egg Carton Mountain
MADE by, Karen and her little crafter! Idea is from Mommy with Selective Memory
The Stuff
The FUN!
Egg Carton
Cotton Balls
1.   Cut an egg carton in half and paint the egg carton for mountains.
2.   Glue the egg carton mountains on paper and cotton balls and pompom balls.

Egg Carton Paint Holder
This is a great way to re-use egg cartons
MADE by, Tasha

The Stuff
The FUN!
Egg Carton
Paint supplies

1.      Cut an egg carton to the size of how many paints you are using.
2.      Add paint to egg carton holes and paint supplies in lid.
3.      Paint away!
4.      Just scoop whatever paint you don’t use back into your paint bottles and toss – easy cleanup!

Play/Sort/Count Money
Here are a few of the ways that Tasha and her daughter played with money. Egg cartons make for perfect sorting trays!
MADE by, Tasha and her little sweetheart
The Stuff
The FUN!
Egg Carton

1.Cut the lid of an egg carton and…
a. toss coins in egg cups
b. sort coins by type
c. count the number of coins in each egg cup

Egg Carton Bird Nests
We made these for our Spring Bin. Instructions are here!
MADE by, Sara and her bird lovers (Hornet, Roly Poly and Firefly)

Egg Carton (and Eggshell) Seed Starters
We made these a few different ways. A simple and economical way to start seeds. You just need to plant, water and give sunlight. Don’t forget to harden them off (set the plants outside a couple hours at a time, increasing time each day) before planting them. Then just plant them right in the soil outside.
MADE by, Sara and her little gardeners (Hornet, Roly Poly and Firefly)
Just cut the middle out of the lid, put dirt in and plant seeds.
We have done this without the lid as well.
We have an old spinach tub on top to make a little greenhouse.
Pic of our eggshell planter and egg carton planter. F
or the egg shells just crack it on the top, pull away shell and then put egg in a bowl
to make for breakfast. Clean egg out really well and then add soil and seeds.
Here is a pic of the egg shell planter once the boys planted it.
Wait for two sets of leaves to transplant.
Web-links to more ideas…

Please BRAINSTORM your ideas/suggestions in the COMMENTS below for the Egg Cartons Up-cycled
Community Supported Activities/Crafts/Organization!
Happy Up-cycling!
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